ENTRY 3/21/22


Answering some of the questions I hear most often

Also make sure to read the welcome page for general info!
Can I use your works as/for... In general, my work can be used for anything non-commercial. Credit is appreciated for reposts
If you create your own edits/videos with my works I would love to see them on my discord! How do you make your art? The main software I use for putting everything together is After Effects, Photoshop and GIMP. The effects are achieved with a combination of filters and scripting. Other methods include sonification with audacity and datamoshing segments of episodes.
Do you do commissions/can you make me... I do not currently take commissions for a few reasons; How did you make your website? My site is made from scratch, I do not use any premade tools or assets. Have other questions? Feel free to contact me! My Instagram page as well as a discord server is linked on the landing page. However, you can also contact me via email - omni@waifu.club