ENTRY 3/21/22


Answering some of the questions I hear most often

Also make sure to read the welcome page for general info!
Can I use your works as/for... In general, my work can be used for anything non-commercial. Credit is appreciated for reposts
If you create your own edits/videos with my works I would love to see them on my discord! How do you make your art? The main software I use for putting everything together is Photoshop and GIMP. The effects are achieved with a combination of filters and scripting. Other methods include sonification with audacity and datamoshing segments of episodes.
My process is extremely spontaneous, meaning I don't exactly remember how I reached a certain result, especially when looking back on much older pieces. I save most of my photoshop and gimp files from my projects, and attempt to preserve each step as a layer. If you are ever curious about a specific piece, feel free to reach out and ill be more than happy to dig up the old project file and try my best to show each step. Do you do commissions/can you make me... I do not currently take commissions for a few reasons; Tutorials/Videos As I mentioned, since my work is extremely freeform, it would be difficult to create a proper "tutorial".
I have put off making any sort of process videos for the reason above as well my lack of motivation for editing a video. Do you have wallpapers? I have posted a zip file containing some desktop wallpapers on my discord. I also occasionally post these wallpapers on this /w/ thread., and I have a few posts on this archived /w/ thread. How did you make your website? My site is made from scratch, I do not use any premade tools or assets. Have other questions? Feel free to contact me! My Instagram page as well as a discord server is linked on the landing page. However, you can also contact me via email - omni@waifu.club