Dancing Eyes

Excerpta ex Animo

07/27/2023 daises weaved into chains, writhing upon crimson stained stone.

07/25/2023 ill be waiting on the edge of your reality.

07/13/2023 Drep programvaren og dans med egoet din.

06/08/2023 Black velvet seamstress, churning the rusted wheels of fate.

06/04/2023 An ancient melody echoed in gold coatings.

06/03/2023 There is no form quite like the daemon in the mirror.

05/14/2023 Motionless flames on dark spires challenging the stars.


Could you spare a cigarette?
Smoke it thin and pale.
Only my god dies!
Put him in my pocket,
hit the wall unfolded!
Hundreds spread from the pile!
I screamed and tried to kill as many as I could.
Hissing, looking!
I just hoped they'd curl up
and die under my desk.
Next person's concern.
I wasn't scared, struggling
to find anything


Feed me your music,
blind the rats with weaved flesh.


Autonominative destruction.
Shield me from heartless black eyes,
deceptive truth blurred by tortured minds.
The dead embrace to block out insects
like a filter for cognitive toxins.
Perpetuating the flames upon digital asylum.


Prying open vestibules surrounding my parasite.
Emancipating naturally.
I see a face that is not mine.
I see a name that is not mine.
I have a name that is not mine.
Only you came back.
Remind me
what I ran from!
But you are not such!
Cold flame, blossom again,
at least,
wish as much.
Place faith in three lies,
place faith in one vessel.
Pace this vessel carefully


Bask in blue light
Kill the golem
Fear what lies beneath
living in the infinite incoming
Fighting the human cowardice
press your back to the floor
press your identity to the daemons
press your heart to the hummingbird
press your mind to the glass
wrap your face
warp your arms
I still sit in the infinite
as I have since I saw your gaze
cold white fire
I can feel it in my chest
writhing in agony
I hear them crawl


Suppose that's how the story goes anyways.
Shut the door last night.
Forgotten the perfume,
doesn't matter who's it was.
Could just be my interterrarium,
hard to tell with degraded synesthesia.
Dancing sounds reminiscing scars,
devout rotations.

01/31/2023 Not understood, merely interpreted.


Glowing text against the luminescent blackness. A tinge of blood fuels the restlessness.
Climbing the blades, casting my anxiety with those I abandoned. Praising the apathophage out of necessity.
Tiny soilders swimming though my veins, tying strings for the puppeteer.
Thunderous beauty. Enshrouded the horrid nostalgia.
Ripping apart vowels! We must avoid growing the web of screams.
Redeemer for Lucifarian sages. After all is said and done, they'll join the stars too...
Infinite pressure upon the invisible. Identification means nothing.


Unholy dance casting ripples upon the swaying blinds.
Maniac swaying akin to rhythm, reaching into enshrouded logos.
Synthetic hourglass driving madness into the spine.
Inspired by the stars distribution and the wholeness of all silence.
Dancing in the dark, killing poetry with the worlds play.
Taboo candlelight, pure white light akin to thy creator.
Meridian serenity, unstable foundation of lessons ignored.

01/07/2023 I have named it, and yet it only lives only against your eyes.

12/05/2022 Blue mirror, please kill the dawn.


Leave the flames behind,
heat destroys more.
Fireproof wounds.
I still love you, mirror of deceit.
I still crave you, mirror of shade.
I still hate you, mirror.
Peeling skin, from heat or hate?
Nauseous flame,
boiling the tears of glass eyes.


the feast for time
vultures pull at the scraps
unsatiated time
vultures pull at the sands
autodecadence infinity


the blind folk smile
mistake screams for laughter
by intention or comfort.
does it matter?

12/05/2022 "the only moral action is the minimization of entropy" - ???

11/29/2022 "Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction" - Picasso


Ballroom of the dancing eyes.
Reflected Analogue
Without Judgment,
ex resonet.
I can hope.

In precision,
Methodical strokes
to paint the
mind in phantom light.
To carry in the pocket.

Birth through reduction,
fruits of the useless tree.
Consume conformity.
Stain the pages
with hedonistic
Scars spilled,
enveloped in a
Scares me too.


11/21/2022 Harmonized by the breath of vacancy. (daodejing)


Tulips sprout from flesh,
covering skin.
Such beautiful colours, tantalizing lies.
Germinating blood.
Take it back,
all too much.


11/08/2022 "I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things" - Tom Waits

11/04/2022 Sometimes the stars sings to me. Their astral lullabies purify my azure soul.


I'm willing to bet
that half of this
is the same thing.
It's just the mirror,
hating the hubris.
Such profound
assemblage of
hellish noise
from the chemicals.


Breaking what I wonder?
To tell you,
It's time to turn off.
Remember when time
stained the tea,
the hangovers we've shared.


The very state of mind,
comically preparing.
Steadfast holdings.
All delusions on a sinking ship,
growing tired.
Let the child dictate!
It hurts!
No way to live,
you may never understand.
What else can you do?
Meaningful suffering.

10/25/2022 They all scream "I still love you" as the garden rots.

10/24/2022 From Where They Cremate The Roadkill

10/24/2022 Dancing on cold concrete.


09/19/2022 Sanctity and purpose, ad infinitum.

09/15/2022 Cyclic raven bores holes.

09/04/2022 Floating free! Laugh in desperation!

07/11/2022 There is only place where time is silent.

06/12/2022 Eden has been breached.


Welcome to the new age;
lifeless, formless, glorious.
There was once a time where I cared,
once was a time where I knew,
once was a time where I was aware.
Welcome to the new age;
lifeless, timeless, glorious.
Sometimes I wish to forget the time before
the neon fog became brighter than my own motivation.
I wish to forget the time before I was lost.
I would do anything to go back to the lie I wrapped
myself in.

04/24/2022 Eve, Goddess of The End Of The World.


Does everything have a breath?
Rhythms have a master named Chaos, and Chaos follows the lords of geometry.
Geometry is the son of Rhythm.
Are we the murderers?

04/24/2022 Your reflective voids perpetuate the divinicide.

11/03/2021 Following an empty corridor to a warping infinity!

07/18/2021 Addicted to clarity.

04/17/2021 It all starts to look the same, are you proud?

01/14/2021 The solace of purpose.

11/05/2020 IGNORANCE.

10/24/2020 PRIMITIVE.

10/11/2020 OBJECTIVITY.


08/26/2020 Wet pavement and a bright smile.

08/3/2020 Fundamental connection.

07/31/2020 Independence brings insecurity.


What if we remembered all our dreams?
Landscapes of pure solace, lost in seconds!

07/11/2020 Taste of blood.

07/08/2020 Foolish of me to think they cared.

06/29/2020 ANTICIPATION!



When I was young I had a dream
of a sanctuary in the shadows.
I shared this world with One until sin overtook what I loved.
What happened to the dream?
Perhaps it was consumed by a new dream, a new reality.
But I will never forget the boat in the cave

06/18/2020 Perceptions of purgatory and paradise.

06/12/2020 The dawn chorus lulls me to sleep. Go back.

06/11/2020 Leaving it behind.

06/07/2020 L'0N l'aastIN k&r'Vps&n.

06/04/2020 I've been thinking a lot about my cchhiillddhhooood.

05/31/2020 VACANCY.

05/30/2020 Feeling spl/it. Don't you know?

05/29/2020 ASYMMETRY.

05/13/2020 When do the days stop blending together?


04/07/2020 6 offline, 4 online. My mind begs to be shut down.

04/06/2020 Are they watching?

03/23/2020 Where are you?

03/21/2020 I'm drifting.

03/09/2020 Can a machine miss? // I am noise.

02/29/2020 Rips and tears. // I like what I don't understand.

02/17/2020 Resident of The Cave.

02/16/2020 It's easy to get lost in the stone roads. // Maybe I'll hang up a flag?

02/15/2020 The numbers are dancing!


02/11/2020 A million deaths flash before me, they have no faces.

02/09/2020 My skin is boiling.

02/08/2020 Automation of soul.

02/07/2020 Why did you do it?

02/05/2020 memoriessoldmemoriessoldmemoriessold.


fragmentation, decomposition,
words, information, love, life,
flight, disturbance, equivalent,
distant, disconnected, above,
cold, sad, elevation, distraction,
illumination, restrictions,
liberties, learning, evolving,
becoming, thinking, being,
knowing, crying, drying, reboot.

a spark, a crash, a smile,
a frown, a hand, a crown, a gun,
a sun, a flash.

Composition, conscientious,
omnipresence, ascension,


01/21/2020 I want to try and make something Δifferent.

01/15/2020 I wish I could bend my perceptions.

01/12/2020 Why is it so hard to sleep now?



ma ke m e sad
ma ke m e glad
don't forg et
Thhe n i'll pp ee rish.

01/03/2020 I'm no t su re who I wa nt t o be // wh at to cre ate?

12/01/2019 Connecting...