ENTRY 1/31/21

My Linux Setup

Github is here, however I do a really poor job updating it.
Note that this is not a guide, but just a gallery and description of my setup/rice. Although, I am open to any questions/comments on my discord server.

2023 Update - I no longer use mint! I got a new desktop and laptop and decided to go with Arch on both of them. My theme remains mostly the same but I added some new stuff :) Basic details of my setup Colourscheme (loosely) Wallpapers Most of my wallpapers come from Gracile, who makes amazing art that goes extremely well with my colourscheme.



Here is a preview of the whole rice :)


My GTK theme was generated using oomox. My GTK theme was the basis for how I would style the rest of my system. I chose something dark and low in contrast for a theme that was very easy on the eyes while still looking pretty.
Certain programs such as nemo have an opacity rule set on them using picom, giving most of my theme a glassy-blurred look against the wallpaper.
The icon theme is Flatery Teal


The terminal emulator I use is kitty. I absolutely love kitty from a ricing and productivity standpoint; the built in keyboard-oriented tabs and tiling is a godsend.
I am using fish as my main shell. What it lacks in POSIX-compliancy, it makes up for in raw features. Since every aspect of fish is divided into functions, it makes it extremely easy to modify the parts I want without editing a giant config file.

Conky + EWW

My desktop uses conky for a clock and system info
I also have a panel system made with eww widgets.

Web Browser

I use vivaldi as my main web browser. The level of customization vivaldi offers is insane, allowing for a extremely beautiful and productive UI. The main aspect of vivaldi that I have fallen in love with is the vertical tabs. Not only do vertical tabs save a ton of screen-space, but they work well with my setup. Since my bar/panel are on the top of my screen, having the tabs on the side saves me from wasting a lot of vertical space and prevents misclicks.


My spotify client is customized using spicetify. I use a recoloured version of the Ziro theme.


My discord is customized using BetterDiscord. Please note that this is techically against the TOS (however it is hardly enforced). The theme I use is a recolour of Zelk.

Text Editor - Vim

I use vim as my basic text editor (I cheat and use VSC for anything complex). I use Embark as the theme for my airline.

PDF Reader - Zathura

Zathura uses the same colorscheme as my terminal.

Program Launcher - Rofi

My rofi theme was based on this post. However I have no idea where their github/reddit account went.


I use xfce4-panel, which works really well with i3.