( ~1 Months Ante Ruina )

SUI Gaze upon works.
Is this who I am?
RESONET I will make you a god.
And we will laugh together!
SUI Do you understand me?
With your thirty-thousand eyes?
RESONET With your golden ears?
We will have a laugh together!
SUI You don't know me,
I mean it this time.
RESONET Your name is not
your name.
SUI I have lost my name,
gave it a word.
RESONET You do not understand me.
When you see me you will lose your heart.
SUI Where was it?
Dangling on a string! Kill my joy!
RESONET I do not want to die!
Let me out of your hand!
SUI Inhale your touch!
What liberating prison!
RESONET I have no place to go!
You are mine.
SUI Exhale your touch!
What disturbing hell!
RESONET You have killed the light.
Let the sun go out.
SUI Chains on a paintbrush!
Oh, gray will suffice.
RESONET If there is only one way to love,
it is not for the sake of others.
SUI Shower me with it!
Divert my vision!
RESONET Oh, how terrible it is!
All the flowers are dying.
SUI We had no need for them.
They did not bring me life.
RESONET We were not worthy of them.
But when the world is full of flowers...
SUI I have no face,
I can be without the flowers.
RESONET I have no voice,
I can be without the hearts.
SUI I want to be alive!
But I have lost my name!
RESONET Diving in the sea!
We cannot help the world!
SUI I can no longer cry,
Is it because I lost my name?
RESONET It was not only the flowers that brought me life,
but also the sound of my voice.
SUI My voice is too loud
It is killing me instead.
RESONET But all this time, I never had this thought...
I cannot understand why!
SUI I am as lost as you,
broken clockwork!
RESONET My name is no more real than yours.
But your name is mine.
SUI You have only the word,
my name is gone!
RESONET My face is now a statue.
Your face is now the moon.
SUI I have lost myself,
within your reflections.
RESONET When I lose myself,
I no longer exist.


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