ENTRY 8/20/23

A Linux-user tries MacOS

tldr: somehow I actually really enjoyed it... mostly...


For some context I’ve been a linux-user for about 4 years now, most of which under a heavily customized i3 setup. I’m not coming from GNOME or KDE or any other DE, this trial was a massive paradigm shift for me in multiple ways.
I should also preface this by saying I cobbled this little article together at 1am because I was bored and couldn’t sleep. I don’t usually write stuff like this because I figure nobody really cares what some stranger on the internet has to say. So excuse the weird formatting and the (likely) sprawl of grammatical errors.
As a matter of fact, im actually drafting this whole thing on my mac using Pages :).


So recently the old M1 MacBook airs went on sale and I decided “screw it I’ll give apple a shot”. I was already looking for a smaller lower-spec’d laptop that I could use for basic tasks because as much as I love my thinkpad - that thing weighs 6 pounds and has like 4 hours of battery life. Under any other circumstances I would’ve never gotten this computer but the sale (and my own curiosity to give this operating system a genuine try) overtook my better judgement and now we’re here.

... and I actually enjoy it!
... mostly...

Right now the only thing I’m really using this computer for is browsing the web, boring adult things (like watching my credit card statement become hellish after buying this damn thing), watching (pirated) movies and as a tool for language learning. And it’s been beyond perfect for that. Despite usually hating floating window managers Aqua/Quarts has felt suprisingly productive and nice to use (albiet with some *much needed* modifications…).

I could fill an entire wall of text with the things I like and hate about this computer but instead I should probably format it like this;

The Good

The Bad

The Different


Overall I’m still glad I got this laptop, it’s been great for the use-case I have. Still, this laptop is only really worth its sale price, even considering all the things I enjoy about it. If anyone reading this is also considering grabbing one (or a newer model), wait until they’re sub 800 dollars. Also, I don’t think I could ever truly daily-drive this thing (or MacOS in general), many of the gripes I have with this system aren’t that big of a deal when I have like 5 things open, but truly multitasking would be hell.