ENTRY 1/26/22

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Greetings from this corner of The Wired, you can call me Omni.

I'm another chronically online owner of a neocities page. I am mainly known for my glitchart and digital edits I make of Lain on Instagram under the alias omnidisplay. I used to be fairly active in some old Lain-themed communities that are long gone, but now I just do my own thing :). Another fun fact is that I have no idea how to write about myself.
Make sure to also reference the FAQ page if you're looking for info about my edits <3. Trivial Information Nobody Asked For Site Purpose This is harder to answer for me than anyone can imagine. I love designing and setting up websites with a bunch of varying styles and layouts, but I have always struggled to make content for them. I usually have very little to say, at least in a paragraphical form. So this will be a challenge for myself to hopefully organize the random bullshit in my head and make something worth reading. I hope that something here is of interest to you (or maybe a friend of yours). Site design I wanted to embrace a simple but stylized look for the site. Most, if not all of the pages will use the same styling as this one (other than the landing page). The general style matches the aesthetic I use for most of my online displays. Additionally, the goal is to minimize JS other than to add basic functionality. JS is geniunely redundant for a blog page. Things to expect I am mainly interested in and will write about... How can I contact you? My instagram page as well as a discord server is linked on the landing page. However, you can also contact me via email - omni@waifu.club
I will respond to anybody. Button Here is my button if you want to link to me!

Significance of "omni" The name originally was short for "omnipresence" (as you can tell from the subdomain). The concept of omnipresence has always fascinated me, especially when in the context of the internet. Most people today have more deeply documented lives than anyone else in history, even the figureheads of the past. In a way, everybody has in some capacity become omnipresent. We can observe past and present "snapshots" of our peers' lives instantaneously with no consequence. Beyond that, we have the ability to access The Library of Babel from nearly anywhere, we can find the answer to any question. However, just like the Library of Babel, all this information is lost in piles of "senseless cacophony". We are omnipresent within a metaphysical universe containing a reflection of the world's knowledge and proportionally... it's nonsense.
The Wired may reflect the worlds data, but it should be considered a unique plane, everybody can have a completely separate identity and life online, myself included. The name Omni is as familiar to me as my "meatspace" name. Both my existence online and offline are separate, but it is all still Me. Lain It is undeniable the degree that Lain has impacted my life, philosophies and interests. However, I do not look to the show or it's related works religiously. It is a work of art that attracted me both through it's themes, messages and aesthetics. I seek to create my own art using Lain in order to define my own aesthetics and give back to the community. Similarly the joy of Lain doesn't come from her, but from the community surrounding her. I look up to people like Fauux who managed to utilize Lain to create their own style, one so recognizable that his work has become synonymous with the show. I hope to create something that leaves a lasting mark on the community.

Unfortunately, communities that I used to be involved in have either died or gone a different direction. I have met some amazing people through the Lain community, ones that I still talk to today. But a large majority of the communities I used to call home have disappeared. Like the ruins of fallen cities, these communities still leave their mark on The Wired through the recollections of old members or long-dead websites, but the people are long gone. Additionally, I have a much more difficult time relating to the modern Lain fandom stemming from TikTok, Reddit and other large social media websites. I don't intend that to be in a gate-keeping sense, I am still extremely happy to see the show having this much modern popularity. There is still a massive amount of amazing art and people to come out from newcomers to the fandom, but they are often silenced by the clamor of mindless trends and memetic buzzwords. All my frustrations with platforms like this sounds heretical, considering that I have Instagram to thank for propagating my works to hundreds of thousands of people, and the people whom I've interacted with have been nothing but wonderful. But there is still that modern use of Lain in my periphery that disappoints me. ( tldr; I don't know what the hell a lainpilled girlboss is and I don't want to find out. )

The technological inevitabilism introduced in Lain has also been unfortunately bastardized by this centuries mega-corporations. The prospect of universal connection has never been closer than it is now, but your connections are in the hands of shareholders. As wonderful as it would be to dream of a new-age world with full integration of realities, we are stuck with the hellscape of cyberpunk without the neon lighting. Vi The hexagon symbol that is scattered around the site is called "Vi" from the Roman Numeral 6. Hexagons hold a special spiritual significance to me, the 6 sides can be composed by the first 3 natural numbers additively and cumulatively; From Unity, Duality and Trinity span Infinity. The number 6, and its visualization: the hexagon represent Infinity and the harmony within these 3 aspects of the universe.
The Tao gives birth to the One. The One gives birth to two. Two gives birth to three. And three gives birth to the ten thousand things.